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We Love New Zealand!

The last two days have been pretty epic. On Monday we went to Waitomo, famous for its caves and cows. We all went black water rafting, which meant tubing through the caves in big black rubber rings, suited up in wetsuits and mining helmets. To practice jumping off the waterfalls we all had to jump backwards off a platform into the river outside the cave. Predictably Lauren was the first to jump and Kate's landing was especially elegant, including the wimpy scream. The caves were amazing, especially the waterfall jumps! We also saw the glow worms (and their shiny shit) and floated through the caves in the dark for some sections. We then got to do some freestyle jumps off the platform which was great fun! After a nice hot shower we got to laugh at all the photos (Ash would like to add no one has ever looked so good in a wetsuit, we have all the photos so you can judge for yourself!). That evening we arrived in Rotorua and went to the cultural show which was really good, we learnt some Maori and saw the Haka. The best part was definitely the feast, the lamb was amazing, it had been cooked underground for hours and was so tender.

Now onto the best day so far! Yesterday we started the day early and went white water rafting on the Kaituna river. The rapids were incredible and we went down a 7m waterfall (the highest commercially rated waterfall in the world). The guides were great and taught us all about the history of the river and the scenery was great. After that Si the tour guide dropped us off at the Polynesian Spa and we went in the hot pools for an hour and got a shower. It was the perfect way to recover from the refreshing rafting and Ash didn't want to leave! Rotorua has a lot of geothermal activity, it looks like 'Dante's peak' if you've seen the film, we went to a geothermal park and saw the boiling mud pools and different craters. We then drove to Taupo and stopped on the way to watch some people from our tour do some zorbing which was quite amusing! We had a great night in last night, learning some new drinking games.

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We love Curly's bar as it's the first place to have wifi in days! So to catch you up, we climbed Mount Eden in Auckland which is like Arthur's seat with a crater at the top. Then we headed back to sky tower as Ash had seen a charity race up sky tower advertised, what he failed to realise was that it was a race up the stairs not climbing the outside so nothing to watch there! So we headed back to the hostel ready to leave the big city. Our favourite thing in Auckland was probably the laser quest sound as you cross the roads, so not that much to do in Auckland. The next day we met all the people on our tour, one of whom is a slightly crazy Irish dr, who in true medic fashion has taken the students under her wing with the drinking! We went to Coromandel where we carved a kiwi pendant out of bone, which was good fun. In the evening we headed to the pub to watch a big rugby match between an NZ and an Aussie team (no mention of the score, it was all going well till the last 5 minutes!). Today was very wet but that didn't stop us going to Cathedral Cove (where the Narnia Prince Caspian film was made) and to warm us back up we went to a local winery for some wine and liqueur tasting. We also tried the native figuoa fruit which was great! We are now in Waitomo in its one bar, it should be a good night. Fingers crossed we find a hostel which is in the 21st century soon so we can post another update!

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Flying High at Auckland Sky Tower!

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Second flight just as good as the first, very impressed with Singapore Airlines. Lauren was especially excited that the breakfast menu included dinner food - Chinese noodles with a pot of jalapeƱos to make it even better! Ash will miss midnight snacks being brought to him on a tray as well. We made it through security with our paprika crisps, Haribo sweets and all of our shoes, although Ash did pull a muscle doing his ballet moves to show the customs officer that his shoes were squeaky clean! Weather in Auckland is brilliant, wished we were still wearing shorts! The lack of wifi in the hostel is a real pain, but everyone loves a trip to Starbucks! Today we went up Sky Tower, apparently the tallest building in the Southern hemisphere - the views were amazing, got some great pics. Definitely time for bed now!

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Journey to Middle Earth - First Stop Asia!

19 hours in and we've touched down in Singapore! As expected, Ash is the biggest girl so far, with the biggest, brightest case on the plane. Kate may be the organised 'mum' of the trip, but she still needs someone to explain who's the bad guy in the kid's film and why all the characters are shooting each other. The flight was really good - lots of food and drink, good films and Lauren got so excited playing in-flight poker against the other passengers that she didn't want to get off the plane! The highlight so far is definitely Changi airport. We've entertained ourselves by spending our free 'airport dollars' and the S$15 bottle of Smirnoff vodka definitely made the stopover worthwhile. Fingers crossed that the next flight is as good, next stop New Zealand!

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